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Work With Me

Resilience masterclasses, Leadership development, Individual & team coaching… There are lots of ways to incorporate the benefits of business psychology into your organisation.

"I connected with Hazel straight away. I found Hazel easy to talk to and the sessions extremely useful and valuable. It was evident Hazel had extensive knowledge around resilience, which was shared with warmth and compassion. In such a short period of time I was able to see a shift in my emotional wellbeing. The sessions enabled me to have the much needed time and space to recognise all the significant changes in my life and how this has impacted on me emotionally during this uncertain period. Through our conversations I was able to reflect on my values and consider what is important to me and how in line my life was to my values. It has also helped me to refocus on prioritising myself, to slow down and to concentrate on what is in my control."
Resilience Coaching Client

Working one on one

The research is clear, and also backs up my own experience of delivering coaching for many years, the greatest improvements in resilience and transformation are seen when we get to work 1:1. Our brains have evolved and adapted in our own imperfectly interesting ways and can best be ‘unpacked’ and ‘re-programmed’ in the safety of our coaching relationship. It’s a non-judgemental, private space where we get to invest in ourselves, releasing what isn’t working for us and designing a new future we feel ready to step into.

In everything we do, in every little choice we make, we are subconsciously training our minds.  Over time we can finding ourselves just reacting to life, focussed solely on keeping our heads above water.  This programme is for individuals who want to achieve greater success but feel held back by a lack of clarity about what needs to change and how they might go about making that change happen. 

In this transformational coaching programme, I support you to become aware of what is holding you back and stand by your side as you break the negative self-talk and the unhelpful cycles of behaviour.  I will be with you every step of the way, sharing with you simple but incredibly effective ways to get your mind on-board and your habits aligned with where you are going… not where you have been. Importantly, I’ll leave you with individualised tools and strategies to implement for the rest of your life.

It is often the strengths and strategies that got you to where you are that hold you back from getting even better.  Coaching provides a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space to reflect on your challenges and, essentially, work out how to get out of your own way.

As a business psychologist, I aim to ask questions that help you to see things from different perspectives. I bring in models and theories to help you to re-frame and I support you to work with your mind to adapt behaviours and build positive habits.

Working with Leaders and Teams

I’ve been a leader in a complex and fast-paced environment. I know how difficult it is to stay on top of the latest research, and that it can be even harder to implement it.  My masterclass series (available virtually or face to face) makes it easy. I’ve done the work for you – I’ve read the books, articles and papers, pulled out the golden nuggets and applied them to countless situations, for myself and for my clients.  Masterclasses include:

  • Resilient leadership – leading with emotional agility and intention

  • Building psychological safety within teams – the key ingredient to increasing performance and encouraging innovation and continuous improvement

  • Values-based and compassionate leadership

  • Asking powerful questions – how applying Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology in your leadership can increase wellbeing and performance

I design bespoke, creative and research-backed interventions to support the development of leadership teams.  This includes away days and structured programmes.  I combine evidence-based theory with the use psychometrics, including Insights Discovery (personality psycholometric) and EQi-2.0 (emotional intelligence), to support increases in self awareness and improvements in team relationships.  I use Appreciative Inquiry and group coaching techniques to support teams to connect to their vision and embody their values.

A team coaching approach which creates a safe learning space for a team to develop their individual and collective resilience. The programme uses a research-backed toolkit based on Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT).

This programme supports teams to:



    • Deal skillfully with negative thinking and unwanted emotions


    • Stay centered in pressurised situations


    • Enhance focus and commitment to achieving valued goals


  • Learn tools and strategies to build and maintain a resilient, healthy workplace

I support organisations who would like to bring coaching into their business in an easy and efficient way.  I provide qualified and quality assured coaches and work with you to create the process and make change happen.  I have a proven track record of setting up coaching pools, including leading a group of coaches for the NHS during a global pandemic.

Sometimes your requirement doesn’t fit into a nice shiny box. My commitment is to meeting my clients where they’re at, supporting them to diagnose what’s really going on and recommend and implement research-backed solutions. 

Projects I have worked on include the creation and review of organisational values, using psychometrics and interview techniques to provide recommendations for leadership team performance improvements and providing group coaching to improve a decision-making process.  A psychologist is particularly valuable when you know in your gut that something isn’t quite right but you can’t put your finger on why.

A programme which teaches participants the essentials of the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach to resilience, enabling them to use ACT tools and techniques within their own discipline.

"The staff at school are still checking on each other regarding their own personal research and experiments, but the most significant impact is the way in which staff are approaching challenging situations. Since the training they are more understanding of the needs of the children and parents when presented with someone having a ‘brain flip!’ equally they are managing their own reaction to triggers in a more self-aware manner."
Resilience Masterclass Client

If you would like to explore how a business psychologist could help you and your organisation, let’s grab a coffee.